Urban Adventures

When I was asked to be Creative Director of UrbanStems, I was excited by the thought of being able to reach a larger audience with my work. This November marks the first time my designs are available for retail, exclusively at UrbanStems.

I believe that flowers can elicit a powerful mood and feeling. When you think about it, flowers have an undeniable emotional history. Linked to corsages for a high school prom, roses on Valentine’s day, a thoughtful bouquet for your mother or a friend in need of a pick me up. They are universal conduits for lifting a person’s spirits.  In fact, our Flower Flashes were born out of this message: to give something back, to brighten someone’s day.

Flower Flashes are a little different in that they are unexpected, you find them covering construction sites, filling garbage cans, draped over a bus stop, but the feeling they are meant to evoke is the same. They are an equal mix of good will and fantasy. Even though they are fleeting, the beautiful disruption can change one’s perspective in a positive way.

With UrbanStems, I am trying to change people’s perspective on how to shop for florals and plants. Online floral delivery offerings can often times feel expected and uninspired. I am trying to disrupt the status quo and offer up something new. With the support of UrbanStems, I am able to design affordable arrangements that embody my signature style. Using the best quality florals and foliage, my LMD arrangements for UrbanStems are a little wild, robust, sumptuous and full of movement. I want these affordable floral pairings and designs to be extraordinary and unexpected and of course have a direct connection to giving back to the community.

Working and living in an urban city, often separates you from a direct connection to nature. In a small way, having a floral arrangement in your home, and to be able to admire the changing seasons through flowers, is an absolute gift. And I think it’s a gift and luxury that everyone should be able to afford. This partnership with UrbanStems is an opportunity to share my approach to flowers with so many people who may not have the opportunity to be introduced to my work. This prospect really excites me and I hope you will join me on this new adventure. To see and shop all the arrangements here please go to www.urbanstems.com and click on the Lewis Miller Collection.