The Great Escape

This is the story of one (make that 500) peonies and their journey from a field in Virginia to MacDougal Alley, New York City. LMD’s Flower Flashes have amassed a lot of love and attention, and tons of Instagram photos. One image caught the eye of Bloomia, one of the largest flower growers in the USA. Federico Fusco, Bloomia’s Marketing Director, reached out to us and after a series of exploratory and effusive phone calls with our team, we embarked on a wonderful partnership.

Here at LMD, we strive to create beautiful things and to be our best. That starts with our team and how we treat each other and everyone we do business with. Bloomia agrees with this philosophy and their approach to sustainability is sound. They eliminate wasteful packaging, grow locally and have biological control systems that reduce pesticides, you can read more about their practices on their website,

Creating a peony Flower Flash is a great luxury, one stem can cost as much as 8 dollars. So to nestle hundreds of these bewitching beauties in between slabs of grey concrete and scuffed up, giant, orange construction barriers put an enormous smile on Team LMD’s faces. I am sure if peonies could talk, they would have expressed their surprise and wonder at their new temporary home. Due to the popularity of these seasonal flowers, this flash didn’t last very long at all and every single stem ended up in the hands of a New Yorker, final destination unknown!