The Anemone Flower Flash Box

It’s no secret that the black and white anemone is an LMD signature bloom. With its romantic Elizabethan-like green collar, delicate white petals and inky dark center; it’s moody, graphic, modern and old-fashioned–all at once! Another Lewis Miller Design favorite is the green, white and black colorway. And though you won’t find any shamrocks in this offering, you will receive an herbal and textural emerald palette to play with, along with a clutch of hellebores. Hellebores, also called the Winter Rose, is a bell-shaped bloom with glowing jade-tinted petals. These fresh flowers arrive direct from our growers in Holland and delivery is always included. There is no better way to send some cheer than by Flower Flashing your loved ones in shades of emerald and ivory on St. Patrick’s Day! Included with your box of fresh flowers is a link accessing a series of short instructional videos taught by Lewis Miller. You will learn how to clean and hydrate your flowers and create a variety of arrangements for your home, a centerpiece for your dining table, a bedside arrangement, even a bud vase for your neighbor.