Flower Power

Did you know that out of 150 historical public statues in New York City, only five depict real life women? So when Old Navy approached us to “Flower Flash” these trailblazing women on the eve of National Women’s Day, LMD could hardly say no. It was a true feat to conceptualize and execute these Flower Flashes in one night. Each female statue had their challenges and funnily enough, another woman decided to make her presence known. The morning of March 8th, Mother Nature blanketed the city in several inches of snow, making for a very interesting install!

Eleanor Roosevelt, 72nd Street, Riverside Drive

Harriet Tubman, 122nd Street St, Nicholas Avenue & Frederick Douglass Blvd

LMD was very proud to partner with Old Navy, as 65% of their workforce is comprised of females. A statistic that personally makes me smile, as my team is also powered by strong, creative females. Being able to highlight these leaders and outfit them with thousands of flowers during a very dreary and cold March morning was inspiring for me and very surreal for many early rising New Yorkers.

Gertrude Stein, Bryant Park

Joan of Arc, 93rd & Riverside Drive

In addition to gifting Eleanor Roosevelt with a meadow of Hudson Valley grown wild flowers and a matching shawl, a floral necklace for Golda Meir, a giant bouquet and floral skirt in shades of bright and joyful yellows for Harriet Tubman, a lush green boa for Gertrude Stein and a 30 foot billowy garland of baby’s breath for Joan of Arc, we also decided to outfit the Fearless Girl with a floral cape.

Golda Meir, 39th & Broadway

Not wanting to leave out the Financial District’s Charging Bull, we created a very special and ornate floral crown in shades of eye-catching pinks ranging from hot fuchsia to bubble gum.


Backyard Bliss

Backyard Bliss

An August housewarming party in Wainscott, New York, celebrating the last days of summer.

Family members and friends were invited to a backyard soiree to celebrate a new home and to make new memories. Guests were seated at beautiful barn board tables, dressed in wood-blocked, floral printed linens, overlooking the pond. Juliska glassware in shades of periwinkle were filled with hydrangea, clematis and delphinium and smaller mossy terra cotta pots held fresh herbs: lavender, chamomile and rosemary. The final touch was added by mother nature herself. A giant Harvest moon helped partygoers find their way to the mirrored dance floor which under the radiant light of the moon, looked exactly like the infinity swimming pool in the distance.

Venue: Private Residence
Guests: 100

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In Constant Pursuit of Beauty

Whatever the location may be: a museum, backyard or ballroom; we create memorable experiences that feel natural and effortless. From the lighting design to the linens, from custom-made dance floors to napkin treatments, every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen.