She’s an Uptown Girl

Our second limited edition Flower Flash print is now for sale! This is how we are doing things. We will be dropping a different Flower Flash print on the first of every month for the next five months! Each print is a limited edition of 150 and when the sale ends–POOF!–they are gone, just like a true Flower Flash. So don’t hesitate, if you love one, grab it…and collect them all!

This month’s print captures one of our first trash can Flower Flashes on 90th Street and Madison Avenue. It was created in May, one of the prettiest months for flowers, in under 20 minutes and disappeared in less than 2 hours. LMD’s Flower Flashes are at once totally effortless and carefully conceptualized, resulting in a moment that is fresh, original and visually arresting. Even the most ephemeral street art is not usually this fleeting. Unlike graffiti, which is meant to leave its mark for as long as possible, the Flower Flashes try not to defy but celebrate Nature’s glory and impermanence and this is part of their great appeal. These photographs are a limited edition of 150 and Giclee printed on archival paper. This month’s print measures 17 x 24 inches. They are $350 each and arrive signed and numbered by the Flower Bandit, himself. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Crossroads Homeless Shelter at St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York City. To purchase this month’s limited edition Flower Flash print, click here: