Puppy Love

Last year I became the proud father of a border terrier. He weighed about 7 pounds when I picked him up in Pensylvannia and I could fit him inside my cardigan sweater. I named him Dutch Blue. He quickly stole my heart and became LMD’s resident heart breaker, helping with the breaking down (gnawing) of flowering branches, zip ties, rope and anything else he could get his scrappy, little paws on.

In honor of National Puppy Day, I thought I’d share a handful of canine candids of some other beautiful pups photographed with our blooming Flower Flashes.

Creating these floral street art installations at the break of dawn attracts the City’s early risers. And most of them are dog lovers/walkers. To our surprise, we have amassed a small but sweet collection of our furry, four-legged friends hamming it up in front of our flowers. We appreciate you and your walkers. Thank you for not peeing on our work and instead snapping a photo with them!!!