Movie Night

I love a Wes Anderson film. A true sucker for his precious, quirky and meticulously ornate pictures; I love his completely unique universe of color and how every frame feels like a delicious diorama from the mind of the most stylish kindergartner on earth. So I was happy and excited that LMD got to throw the premiere for his latest movie, Isle of Dogs, set at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Inspired by a location in the movie called Trash Island, we worked with Frost Production and Floris Special Events to project a giant still from the film onto the Met stairs. Unsurprisingly, Anderson has concocted a world of garbage that is filthy and somehow still utterly gorgeous. This portrayal of dissonant beauty appeals to me immensely. If you follow our Flower Flashes, you know we have a thing for trash and the cans they come in! We celebrate the pretty and the gritty that is New York City by adorning construction sites and garbage piles with hundreds of the brightest, seasonal flowers.

Incredible Tai Ko drummers were brought in for entertainment as planetary flowering branch arrangements made of soaring cherry blossoms dotted the after party. Artist George Magiras hand painted charming signs that popped up on the bars, sushi and soup dumpling  stations, paying homage to the films Pro and Anti Dog movements. It was a fun night filled with playful nods to the director’s keen eye for detail.

Caterer: Olivier Chang
Planner: Floris Special Events
Photographer: John Labbe