Love is the Answer

LMD’s latest limited edition print is one of our most beloved Heart Flower Flashes. Since it is officially December and the heart is a symbol of love, we thought this Flash would make a wonderful gift. Six feet tall and filled with over 2,000 freshly cut blooms, this ombré beauty went up at dawn this September 11th, a somber day for all New Yorkers. But somehow this Heart Flash became a beacon of pure joy for people who needed their spirits lifted and a gentle reminder that there is beauty in this world and that they are deserving of it. LMD’s Flower Flashes are at once totally effortless and carefully conceptualized, resulting in a moment that is fresh, original and visually arresting. Even the most ephemeral street art is not usually this fleeting. Unlike graffiti, which is meant to leave its mark for as long as possible, the Flower Flashes try not to defy but celebrate Nature’s glory and impermanence. Click the link here for more details and to purchase our new print!