“Not your grandmother’s florist” is how the forward, written by Victoria Clark for the new book Blooms published by Phaidon, begins.

Though I consider myself a veteran in this business, having been a floral designer for over 20 years, I am so happy to be included alongside my forward-thinking peers and friends in the industry– Emily Thompson, Ariella Flowers and Putnam & Putnam, just to name a few.

Like all of the talents featured in this book, my work has grown and evolved over the years and I am always pushing myself to remain inspired and connected to my craft. That is, in fact, how the Flower Flash was born. Blooms celebrates a new approach, captured not in a single style or trend, but in a multiplicity of individual and often very personal styles. And I love this!

It’s inescapable. The zeitgeist at the moment is all things FLOWERS. I do think eventually the pendulum will swing the other way, but right now; whether it be in music videos to fashion shows to fine art or photography, the line between floristry and other art forms has been blurred, creating something not yet classified. Clark goes on to write that “social media has brought the art of flowers to a global audience, and florists are no longer operating only from traditional shops and styling floral events–instead, pop-up displays, cult magazines and digital platforms from Instagram to blogs are offering today’s designers a variety of outlets for their work and a virtually unlimited audience.”

It’s no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with social media but I do agree that Instagram has amplified my work and brought it to a larger audience which I am grateful for. This beautiful book is another way to get to know me and to put it very simply, get a closer look at the things I love to make.

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