High Tea

Harry Winston’s Tea for special guests and editors was held on the terrace, high atop their corporate offices in midtown Manhattan. Sparkles and skyscrapers were found in abundance as we transformed a large patch of cement into a veritable secret garden. The first crucial step to this transformation was laying down yards and yards of faux sod. I love the stuff, it’s extremely realistic and unlike real grass, it holds its bounce and vivid, green coloring.

With feminine and romantic leanings, we wrapped staircase railings using tumbling green euonymus and white blooming spirea. Iron canopies were overgrown with armfuls of cherry blossom branches, downy peonies, delicate sweet peas and fragrant lilac. Each table was dressed in large floral printed linens that paired perfectly with natural bentwood chairs and sweet arrangements of roses, ranunculus and flowering geranium.

The juxtaposition of the hard, steely and soaring lines of the neighboring buildings and the soft, fluffy blooms in shades of blush, peach and rose, made guests feel like they discovered a pink diamond on a grey New York City sidewalk. My incredible team managed to create this feminine, lush oasis yesterday morning and by 7pm that evening it had all but vanished!

And though guests weren’t gifted any gems, they did get to take home a stunning nosegay of sweet peas, peonies and roses.