Happy Friday!

Just as another New York Fashion week comes to a close, and the frenzy of our most recent Valentine’s Day Flower Flash where we piled heaps and hedges of pink carnations outside of an abandoned bank brought dozens of New Yorkers to a screeching halt, so did I become dumbstruck by a work of art.

The artist Paulette Engler painted a watercolor of a floral arrangement that appears in the Color chapter of my book Styling Nature. It landed in my email inbox and with one click, I was left speechless. The watercolor painting is impeccably crafted and simply gorgeous! If there’s one thing that leads me in hopes to happier days, it’s surely art and when it comes from a stranger who was inspired by something I created, it makes my heart soar.

We all need to feel inspired and handmade works of art is my high ground. I am always longing to find something to look up to, to be inspired by, that makes me feel alive and energized. Here is a collection of our Flower Flashes recreated and reinterpreted in different mediums from enthusiasts around the country. I love finding them on Instagram and reading the letters that come to our studio. We all need ideas which will surprise and make us wonder and I am just so grateful that our Flower Flashes have become a vehicle for other artists to engage in the love we are trying to put out into the world.

Happy Friday Everyone!