Good Vibrations

My comfort zone is comfortably under the radar. I started “Flower Flashing” over three years ago, and I am always the first one from my team to quietly leave the scene of the Flash, most often on a bicycle. I don’t wait to watch what happens or stick around to see surprised New Yorkers ask if they can take the flowers. The answer is always: Yes, you can! But there are a few things that will coax me out….A good cause being one. This week’s Flower Flash Box is in partnership with American Express. A company that champions communities and small businesses. LMD will donate 100% of the proceeds of this beautiful Flower Flash Box to the Greater New York Hospital Association, an organization that supports front-line workers and hospital staff during this very difficult time. Our very first Flower Flash box was launched on April 4th and we have always linked a charity to our sales. If we sell out of this week’s current offering of luscious pink and amethyst blooms, LMD will have raised over sixty thousand dollars for charity. That is something I feel really good about. Click this link to shop!