Modern Family

An elegant wedding at Rainbow Room brings sophistication to new heights.

The bride, escorted down the aisle by her loving son, held a bouquet of ranunculus, garden roses, hellebores, sweet pea and trailing jasmine vines. Married under a modern chuppah with a twist; plexiglass columns encased textured white birch on all four corners and gave way to a canopy of integra foliage.A mesmerizing and satisfying view of neat rows of white tulips and slender glass votives complimented the guests’ seating arrangements and a gorgeously lit ceiling gave the ceremony a crisp, cosmopolitan feel.

Venue: Rainbow Room, NYC
Guests: 170

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In Constant Pursuit of Beauty

Whatever the location may be: a museum, backyard or ballroom; we create memorable experiences that feel natural and effortless. From the lighting design to the linens, from custom-made dance floors to napkin treatments, every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen.