Home, Sweet Home

Sometimes the perfect spot to throw a splendid dinner party is in your very own backyard.

A clear tent is pitched to keep guests and the reclaimed iron and wood farm tables dry but there are only blue skies and sunshine in sight. Picked from a nearby farmstead, wild strawberries and plums fill gnarly wooden bowls and galvanized pails filled with handfuls of red dahlias and fresh herbs adorn the tables. Belgian pots filled with summer hydrangea trees anchor the bars at either end of the tent where dirty martinis are served well past dusk. Vintage jam crocks hold arrangements of red and burgundy dahlias and cabbage roses – a true fit for the custom block-printed table runners and napkins. At dusk, hand-woven lanterns that are strung overhead with thick jute roping illuminate the tent.

Venue: Private Residence
Guests: 100

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In Constant Pursuit of Beauty

Whatever the location may be: a museum, backyard or ballroom; we create memorable experiences that feel natural and effortless. From the lighting design to the linens, from custom-made dance floors to napkin treatments, every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen.