Farm-To-Wedding Table

A wedding at Stone Barns asks friends and family to bring full hearts and empty stomachs.

Known for its spectacular food and natural beauty, this outdoor wedding set at Stone Barns was a true feast for all the senses. Guests enter the idyllic grounds and are greeted with a flower cart filled with a collection of seasonal flowers. For the ceremony, a romantic chuppah is made with four blooming trees. Precious flower girls wear white flowering haloes and carry small posies of fresh herbs. For the outdoor after party, Edison bulbs strung up like glowing pearls create a festive mood and guests dance and snuggle into the midnight hour.

Venue: Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Guests: 200

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In Constant Pursuit of Beauty

Whatever the location may be: a museum, backyard or ballroom; we create memorable experiences that feel natural and effortless. From the lighting design to the linens, from custom-made dance floors to napkin treatments, every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen.