Detroit Flower Week

I am excited to head to Motor City this week for Detroit Flower week to teach a 3 hour master class on Composition and Floral Arrangements. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for you this Thursday.  I will be discussing vessels and how to choose the right container for your arrangement. I like opaque, unique vases and containers that have a ton of personality and that aren’t easily recognizable. I will also be demonstrating the importance of texture, shape, and movement. Every component of a flower arrangement should strengthen the overall composition and look of your still life.

This time of year is a gift to all floral enthusiasts. It’s Fall! So we are going to celebrate and focus on seasonal and locally farmed and foraged flowers, plant life and fruit.  We will be creating 5 different arrangements with one central urn overflowing with plum colored dahlias, chocolate sunflowers and chrysanthemum, all in season and in their full glory. The smaller companion arrangements will be filled with geranium leaf, serra cenia, gleaming persimmon, juicy apples and black peppers. Keeping in mind that the smaller arrangements are like a great supporting cast, their beauty and placement are just as crucial to the overall success of the composition as the larger central urn.

My work is predominately inspired by Dutch and Italian paintings. Sumptuous with a little grit thrown in. Moody, masculine, a little odd, robust and dark but always with a hint of optimism in the air. Kind of like how I imagine the spirit of Detroit to be.