Christmas at the Crosby Street Hotel

LMD began decking the lobby, suites and every other nook and cranny of the Crosby Street Hotel in 2009, when it first opened its doors. This year marks its 8th anniversary and to celebrate the dog-friendly and dog-centric hotel, what better gift is there to give your two-legged and four-legged patrons than a 12-foot long cat!


Crosby the Cat is the handiwork of Colombian Sculptor Fernando Botero. The bronze feline is plump and beautiful and sure to make friends with every guest that visits the SoHo hotspot. We began with 5-foot wreaths made of magnolia leaves that are mounted outside the hotel and perfectly frame Crosby’s cherubic silhouette. They are dotted with curled pieces of birch and oversized sugar pinecones. As visitors enter the hotel, they are met with a multi-tiered plant stand holding a variety of delicate lady slipper orchids in tall, glass-domed terrariums and colossal pinecones. A stunning display of contrasting texture and form.


The Crosby Hotel’s roots are deeply embedded in all things British so LMD strove to create an over the top English Christmas tree but at the same time, we kept true to our love of natural elements. Using raw jute rope as garland and mixing bundles of cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices with organic owl ornaments, the end result is joyful and rustic. There are wicker baskets at the base of the tree filled with lichen branches and a clutch of presents wrapped in LMD’s signature wrapping paper! It’s these little details that make my staff one in a million. Instead of buying conventional wrapping paper, Tawana and Jess hand-painted differing textiles on to canvas to create unique prints, giving Santa’s little helpers some major competition.


With every amaryllis, mini spruce tree and grape ivy that we carefully place in the hotel, it is always our intent to share the joy and spirit of the holiday season and not just with the visitors but also with the wonderful staff at the Crosby Hotel. They feel like family.