The Daydream Flower Flash Box

It’s a Flower Flash Box, and a time machine. Introducing the Flower Flash Box, Daydream Edition. Fantasizing about last minute getaways and escaping New York in August, Lewis has curated a summertime box that will transport you to an English garden. Stately and soaring delphinium, multi-petaled roses and fluffy lisianthus make this offering one of the most special boxes of the summer.  Click the link to shop:

September & October Flower Classes

Autumn in New York City is a majestic sight and something to look forward to….We are pleased to announce a series of intimate flower classes taught on the ground floor of our studio located in New York City’s Flower Market. A few changes to the way we are doing things! Classes will be capped at 10 people. The ground floor space where we hold our new classes is nearly 1,000 square feet and every student will be stationed 6 feet apart to adhere to all socially distancing guidelines. Every student is required to wear a face mask. For our September class, using rich cognac and golden caramel hues, Lewis will demonstrate how to make a stunning,  textural and seasonal arrangement in his signature style. The October class will showcase the dahlia! Students will take home their own arrangement. See you in September!

Wednesday, September 9th from 2PM – 4:30 PM
Thursday, September 10th from 2PM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday, October 7th from 2PM – 4:30 PM
Thursday, October 8th from 2PM – 4:30 PM

Location: 803 6thAvenue, ground floor $325 per student, 10 students per class
For more information and to reserve your seat, go to
Seats are non-refundable.

Favorite Time of Day

It’s a well known fact that dawn is the Flower Bandit’s favorite time of day. This week’s Pink Dawn Flower Flash Box is inspired by sunrises and the pink and purple hues they bring to the summer sky. Much like a new day, flowers and flower arranging can be restorative, healing and bring an overall sense of calm and optimism. Proceeds from this box will be donated to Crossroads Community Services, affiliated with St. Bartholomew’s Church in fighting homelessness and hunger in New York City. Click the link here to purchase.


Choices, choices….

This is a tale of two roses. Summer garden roses are sublime but I never can choose my favorite variety. Not one to shy away from color, I often gravitate towards bold cherry hues, deep coral and vibrant mango shades. But as soon as I dive in…I find myself wanting to live with powdery pink and lilac blooms which are so romantic and moody. Good thing living with flowers is a short term relationship and one can bounce from one bloom to the next without any hurt feelings! As always, this is a purchase you can feel great about. 10% of the proceeds of these Flower Flash Boxes will go to The Echo Project. Our rose boxes have a limited run so grab them while you can! Click the link here to shop

New Class Alert!

Excited to announce that with our August 6th class selling out so quickly, we decided to add one more for those who my not have had the chance to purchase a seat. Summer blooms are so gorgeous and uniquely vibrant and fluffy. Lewis will be using the season’s best flowers for this August 7th class. With a focus on texture, shape, color, movement and composition, each student will have an opportunity to learn from the Flower Bandit, himself. Classes are held on the ground floor of our 1,000 square foot studio, and we will be implementing all social distancing guidelines. We will have face masks on hand but encourage you to bring your own. Classes are $325 per person and a lot of  fun when you bring a friend along! For more information and to reserve your spot, click the link here. Seats to our flower classes are non-refundable.

Summer Blues

Midsummer heat calls for fresh flowers in cool watercolor shades of blue, purples and a touch of pink. Like the ocean tide, our summer time offerings are meant to relax and soothe… and of course, bring some beauty into your home or the home of a loved one! Click the link to shop Lewis’s newest selection of gorgeous blooms.

All The Roses…

Growing up in California farm country, summer always meant rose bushes that grew 7 feet tall. I grow them in my yard upstate but I am reluctant to cut flowers from my own garden. That is why I am so excited to introduce this new Rose Flower Flash Box. I chose two color stories. One is fiery and bold, comprised of multi-petaled stunners in shades of sunset. The other, romantic and soft in pearlescent pinks and ivory. As always, these roses come direct from the farm to your doorstep and a link to a series of short instructional videos, taught by yours truly, is included. There is something so fresh about a heap of summer garden roses in the home this time of year. Gift them to a loved one or send them to yourself.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Click the link to shop both rose boxes here:

July Flower Classes

Happy Fourth, everyone! In many ways, the art of gathering is still being defined (and redefined) this summer.  It is important for us all to be safe and diligent and to find the right balance. I know sharing company and laughter with small groups of friends and making sure all feel at ease as we navigate our way through “pandemic etiquette”, has brought me a lot of joy. It’s with this spirit, that we launched these small flower classes at our studios in New York City. We will be taking over the ground floor of our studio space (nearly 1,000 square feet) and students will be stationed 6 feet apart from one another. Each station will be outfitted with everything a student needs to create a stunning floral arrangement including their own bucket filled with the most beautiful, juicy summer garden flowers and individual  bottles of crisp rosé. I will share with you my techniques and talk you through each and every bloom and why I chose them. We will discuss the importance of shape, texture, movement, color and composition but mostly, we will gather, create and have some fun. Classes are 2.5 hours long and capped at 12 students per class. Price of class is $325 per student. Dates are as follows:

Wednesday, July 8th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 2PM -4:30PM
Thursday, July 9th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 2PM -4:30PM

Click the link to learn more about these classes and to reserve your spot:

The Lewis Miller Design Flower Classes are back!

Thank you so much for being patient with us these last 4 months and for supporting our new Flower Flash Boxes. As New York City slowly begins to reopen, we are so happy to announce a series of smaller classes taught on the ground floor of our studios this July. A few changes to how we are doing things! Classes will be capped to 12 students. The ground floor space where we will hold our new classes is nearly 1,000 square feet and every student will be stationed 6 feet apart. Everyone will have their own bucket of flowers at their station. Floor markers will be clearly defined, we encourage you to bring your own face masks but we will also provide them; as well as gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and your own mini bottles of water and rosé!  We have missed you more than you know! Let’s have some fun, safely and at a distance.
Classes will be 2.5 hours long. Price of class is $325 per student.
Dates are as follows: 
Wednesday, July 8th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 2PM – 4:30PM 
Wednesday, July 8th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 6PM – 8:30PM
Thursday, July 9th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 2PM – 4:30PM
Thursday, July 9th Lewis Miller Design Flower Class 6PM – 8:30PM
Click the link to reserve a spot at one of our classes, please take note purchases are non-refundable.

Summer Sparklers

Introducing a Flower Flash Box worthy of the summer solstice. For this week’s offering, I chose textural thistle–reminiscent of sparklers on the Fourth of July, glossy calla lilies and the beloved peony, in luscious shades of black cherry, pinks and indigo.  The art of gathering in summer and at home, feels especially intimate right now. I am looking forward to uncomplicated and gorgeous flowers, good conversation with a small circle of friends and a starry sky overhead. A portion of the proceeds of this box will be donated to the NAACP. Click the link to shop.

The Simple Joys of Life

Pink Lemonade, pink sunsets, pink peonies, the simple joys of summer and of life. This new Flower Flash Box is simply meant to lift spirits. Over the last few days, LMD has been trying to find balance and do the next right thing. I am proud to write that since we launched this Flower Flash Box on April 4th, in the midst of Covid, LMD has raised over $50K for charity.

We have donated to the United Way, to the Greater New York Hospital Association and to Your Mom Cares. We are now directing our attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. Words are important, actions are imperative. We will keep doing our part, we will keep Flower Flashing for good and for change! And we will keep offering up the most beautiful blossoms of the season in the hopes they bring joy and life into your homes. Click the link to shop:

Dutch Blue

One of our prettiest boxes to date, this week’s blue and white Flower Flash Box is inspired by Delft pottery and the gorgeous Dutch hue. It is also one of our most sweetly fragrant boxes with freesia and peonies included.

Now more than ever, LMD is focused on being a source of inspiration to our customers. The Flower Flash Boxes are meant to be a source of beauty, an activity to connect you with nature, and a way to promote a sense of positive well being.

Flowers are our greatest cheerleaders, put on this earth to make us happy and to remind us that beauty exists and that we are deserving of it. Click the link to shop this week’s special offering.

Introducing the Wedding Edition, Flower Flash Box

Two weekends ago, I had the honor of creating a Flower Flash Wedding for New York Times best-selling author and former Editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue, Elaine Welteroth and her singer-songwriter husband Jonathan Singletary. In many ways the past three years of creating public floral art installations on the streets of New York, prepared me for their stylish, buoyant and spirited wedding on the front steps of their Brooklyn brownstone apartment. The design process was fast and bountiful, just the way I like it!

The color story and the blooms in this week’s Wedding Flower Flash Box are inspired by Elaine and Jonathan’s blessed day. There are white and coral peonies, sweet peas, delphinium (for something blue) and delicate hellebores. I know this summer will be bittersweet for those who had plans to wed and for their loved ones who were looking forward to witnessing these celebrations. This new wedding box is really a celebration box, intended for family and friends to gift to couples who had to delay and also for couples who have chosen to stay true to their date and finding creative ways to still wed!

With this in mind, in addition to the instructional flower arranging videos, I have added a bonus video on how to make a stunning hand-tied wedding bouquet. Personally, the act of gifting makes me feel hopeful and connected to my community and gifting serves as a gentle reminder that we can still look forward to big plans by sending small gestures of love.

Good Vibrations

My comfort zone is comfortably under the radar. I started “Flower Flashing” over three years ago, and I am always the first one from my team to quietly leave the scene of the Flash, most often on a bicycle. I don’t wait to watch what happens or stick around to see surprised New Yorkers ask if they can take the flowers. The answer is always: Yes, you can! But there are a few things that will coax me out….A good cause being one. This week’s Flower Flash Box is in partnership with American Express. A company that champions communities and small businesses. LMD will donate 100% of the proceeds of this beautiful Flower Flash Box to the Greater New York Hospital Association, an organization that supports front-line workers and hospital staff during this very difficult time. Our very first Flower Flash box was launched on April 4th and we have always linked a charity to our sales. If we sell out of this week’s current offering of luscious pink and amethyst blooms, LMD will have raised over sixty thousand dollars for charity. That is something I feel really good about. Click this link to shop!

Homeward Bound

Memorial Day weekend is on the horizon and there will be no big outdoor parties to produce kicking off the summer season but what confinement does offer is intimacy and time. Time to plan a small outdoor picnic for you and your family. Time to create a beautiful tablescape. This week’s Flower Flash box was inspired by the “magic hour”.  That perfect time of day when all things glow and vibrate with beauty. Click the link to shop:

Peonies for days…

Some would say that jewelry is one of the most uplifting things a woman can own. Maybe that is why I gravitated to these gemstone hues for this week’s Flower Flash Box. Rubies, sapphires, and pink diamonds come in the form of peonies, delphinium, tulips, and hyacinths. Like precious stones, flowers are unique, speak to the individual and always represent something beautiful and personal. With Mother’s Day on the horizon and all of us in need of an emotional boost, I would add that flowers are one of the most uplifting gifts a woman can give herself or a loved one.  Click here to shop:

The Mother’s Day Flower Flash Box is here!!

Our mothers–and the motherly figures in our lives–do so much for us day in and day out, and it is such a treat to be able to celebrate them with a gift of flowers. This special edition Mother’s Day Flower Flash Box is extremely special and has all the treasures you could ever want: Peonies, double tulips, ranunculus and hyacinths, in a kaleidoscope of powdery pastels. Click here to shop:

Introducing The Flower Flash Candle

Big news in a little box! Introducing the Flower Flash Candle. We started flashing New Yorkers with flowers three years ago. Unlike a Flower Flash, which pops up in about 15 minutes, the creation of this candle has been slow and thoughtful.

Scent is so very personal and I am a self-professed candle junkie. From Cire Trudon to Nest, I have an affinity for lit candles in the home. A great scent can calm you down, slow your heart rate and turn your house into a sanctuary. I worked with the best perfumers in Paris and created a candle that is floral (tuberose, jasmine, lily of the valley) but also has a bit of an edge (vetiver, leather, grapefruit and pink pepper). I love everything about this candle. If you have been chasing our Flower Flashes or just a fan, I am so happy to share this launch with you! Now everyone can embrace a bit of the joy and spirited energy that embody our street art installations. Click here to shop!

In a Flash, they’ll be gone!

Our pink and raspberry tinted Flower Flash Box disappears tomorrow, so shake off that quarantine fatigue and get some serotonin-inducing blooms delivered to your door. Our homes should be our sanctuary but it can feel difficult to channel that feeling at the moment. Treat yourself (or a friend who is alone right now and in need of a sweet surprise) to some gorgeous, happy blossoms! You will receive over one hundred stems and a series of instructional videos taught by yours truly. And I promise I will make it fun, fast and informative! 

Click here to shop!

The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box

Here comes a jolt of energy and a pop of color! I chose crimson and hot pink for this week’s Flower Flash Box.  I have huge affection for this youthful and cheeky color combination and there is no better way in my opinion to kick these cabin fever blues than with a clutch of foxy blossoms.

Included in this Flower Flash box are two kinds of specialty tulips, the fringed Parrot Prince and Double Libretto, raspberry colored ranunculus, anemones in red and deep pink, hyacinths and if you purchase our deluxe box, you will also receive a bunch of hot pink peonies. It’s time to shake off Easter’s powdery pastels,  rattle the color wheel and heat things up! Click here to shop!

American Gothic: March 19th Flower Class

There is something so rich and decadent about dark, velvet-like flowers. When I started my company, I had a running joke with my design team: if I came in feeling blue or stressed out, I would say, “I need something cheerful–make me a black arrangement!” In the world of flowers, nothing is truly black. There are only shades of purple, red and chocolate brown. When used together; the nuances of these dark colors and tones becomes apparent.

Our first class of the spring season will focus on dark flowers and foliage and how they can act as a “shadow” for softer, brighter and more colorful flowers. After all, with the sweetness of Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to explore crisp edges and strong silhouettes.

March 19th’s class will focus on shape! I dislike the association of the word Gothic with horror; Gothic to me is one of the most elegant styles, especially American Gothic. It has everything to do with the silhouette, the object. Whether it be an iron finial, a buttress or in our case a gorgeous flower arrangement. To secure your seat in our March Class, please call 212 614 2734 or email and have your credit card details handy. We also have April 2nd and May 7th classes available, for more information on these classes or to reserve your seat, please call our studios at 212 614 2734.

Lewis Miller Floral Design Classes are held at the LMD Studios at 803 6th Avenue. Class begins at 6PM with a champagne reception and ends at 8PM. Seats are non-refundable.


November News (& More Flower Classes).

Last month I welcomed students to the LMD HQ for our first in house flower class! I was so impressed by the arrangements everyone made and the night was more fun than I could have imagined. I am excited to teach and meet more of you! Since our November 20th class sold out so quickly, I am happy to announce an additional class on November 12th in conjunction with Pratt and my good friend Eileen Johnson, formerly of The Flower School of New York. The class is called Floral Art for Interiors and more information can be found in the link below.

I am also heading to Charlottesville, Virginia next week to give a Ted Talk on the Power of Flowers. Flowers have been cheering me on my whole life and though the thought of public speaking doesn’t thrill me, I must confess, rehearsing for this special event has allowed me to celebrate flowers in my own way. I have been telling stories with flowers my whole life and this is a chance for me to tell another one and honor their beauty and significance in my life. Ted x Charlottesville is on Friday, November 8th and is being held at the Paramount Theater. Tickets are on sale now at

On Saturday, November 9th I will be teaching a flower class in the breathtaking and historic surroundings at Montalto, with views overlooking Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Last day to reserve a spot for this class is Friday, November 1st and you can find all the details here:

Lastly, we have added additional dates to our LMD Flower Classes held at out studios. Information is as follows:

Wednesday, January 22nd 2020 6-8PM
Thursday January 23rd 2020 6-8PM
Students will learn how to make a stunning seasonal flower arrangement using foam free techniques in a unique compote in the Flemish Style.

Wednesday, February 5th 2020 6-8PM
Thursday, February 6th 2020 6-8PM

Learn how to make a romantic and lush arrangement using fragrant blooms.

Each class will hold 16 students. Classes are two hours long and $325 per student. Non-refundable payment with credit card due prior to class date. To reserve your seats, please call our office at 212 614 2734 or email  We can’t wait to welcome you!

LMD Flower Classes Have Arrived!!

After Lewis led Megan Markle and her close friends in a private flower class in celebration of baby Archie’s arrival, the requests from fellow flower enthusiasts came pouring in! We are happy to announce a series of 3 masterclasses starting in October. Don’t worry! We will be rolling out more in 2020 but for now we are keeping the experience very special, personalized and intimate. 16 students, a champagne reception (because bubbly and blooms are a great combination) and a two hour master class taught by Lewis in his studio.  Students will focus on the core principles of flower arranging; keeping color, composition, shape, texture and movement in mind. All students will receive one-on-one attention and get to take their beautiful arrangements home. LMD Flower Class Dates & Themes are as follows: 

Wednesday, October 16th 2019 6-8PM
Students will learn how to make a stunning seasonal flower arrangement using foam free techniques in a unique compote in shades of autumnal pastels.
Wednesday, November 20th 2019 6-8PM
Learn how to make a bountiful Thanksgiving centerpiece in the Flemish Style.
Wednesday, December 11th 2019 6-8PM
Festive wreath-making with an emphasis on textures and fragrance.

Each class will hold 16 students. Classes are two hours long and $325 per student. Non-refundable payment with credit card due prior to class date. To reserve your seats, please call our office at 212 614 2734 or email  We can’t wait to welcome you!

LMD loves…

It’s no secret that I love stripes, summer and a good celebration. Last month, the founders of L.E.A.F., a festival of flowers coming to New York City in June 2020, reached out in the hopes that I could help announce the launch of their fantastic endeavor. I was thrilled to partner with them and help bring New York City into full bloom next week with a series of Flower Flashes. (You heard it here first!) And is there a better way to launch a week of blooms than with a cocktail party, fresh flowers and dear friends?

Please join me in celebrating the launch of L.E.A.F. with the amazing women behind La Ligne. I fell in love with the brand and their beautiful collection of classic tees and sweaters last year when co-founder Meredith Melling asked me to be part of #withLaBande and I am thrilled that there is now a physical home for all of their striped confections at their new flagship store on Madison Avenue. Come by Monday, June 11th from 4Pm – 7PM and shop for a good cause. A donation of the evening’s sales will go to the Central Park Conservancy and guests will have a chance to purchase a limited edition pochette featuring hand-painted flowers and hand tied bouquets made by yours truly. Looking forward to seeing you next week and celebrating all things flowers.

Please RSVP to or



“Not your grandmother’s florist” is how the forward, written by Victoria Clark for the new book Blooms published by Phaidon, begins.

Though I consider myself a veteran in this business, having been a floral designer for over 20 years, I am so happy to be included alongside my forward-thinking peers and friends in the industry– Emily Thompson, Ariella Flowers and Putnam & Putnam, just to name a few.

Like all of the talents featured in this book, my work has grown and evolved over the years and I am always pushing myself to remain inspired and connected to my craft. That is, in fact, how the Flower Flash was born. Blooms celebrates a new approach, captured not in a single style or trend, but in a multiplicity of individual and often very personal styles. And I love this!

It’s inescapable. The zeitgeist at the moment is all things FLOWERS. I do think eventually the pendulum will swing the other way, but right now; whether it be in music videos to fashion shows to fine art or photography, the line between floristry and other art forms has been blurred, creating something not yet classified. Clark goes on to write that “social media has brought the art of flowers to a global audience, and florists are no longer operating only from traditional shops and styling floral events–instead, pop-up displays, cult magazines and digital platforms from Instagram to blogs are offering today’s designers a variety of outlets for their work and a virtually unlimited audience.”

It’s no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with social media but I do agree that Instagram has amplified my work and brought it to a larger audience which I am grateful for. This beautiful book is another way to get to know me and to put it very simply, get a closer look at the things I love to make.

Blooms is available for purchase on

April Showers bring April Flower Classes!

We are excited to announce two new flower classes to the month of April. Last year, LMD’s flower classes at The Whitby Hotel were penned “The New Brunch”! This made us smile. Last month, I was royally surprised when the Duchess of Sussex treated her closest friends to a private flower making class at The Mark Hotel, taught by yours truly in celebration of her soon-to-be bundle of joy. No photos were allowed and the details were hush-hush but what I can reveal is how we transformed the penthouse suite into a charming, old world flower shop with hand-painted tables, custom linens and screens covered in botanical prints. These kinds of details are also found in our regular masterclasses. I love surprising my students with hand made recipe cards and all the fresh cut flowers are held in antique, galvanized buckets. With individual cutters and a freshly pressed apron, I want each of my students to feel like they’ve stepped into a candy shop but instead of bonbons, there are countless blossoms to admire and consume! These classes are meant to be educational but also elevated and whimsical.To kick off the opening of my Lewis Miller for UrbanStems collection at The Conservatory in Hudson Yards, I have decided to offer two intimate classes on April 16th and April 18th. These seasonal floral masterclasses will be held in the Teak Room from 6-7:30pm. Showcasing my signature style while using the prettiest flowers of the season, you will learn how to make a gorgeous and sumptuous arrangement that exudes a spring feel to take home with you.Lewis Miller for UrbanStems masterclasses held in The Conservatory’s Teak Room are $295 per person and include a champagne reception.

To reserve a spot in the class please email


Tea Time!

To celebrate the arrival of fall, I have partnered with The Whitby Hotel to create a special afternoon tea inspired by my favorite seasonal blooms.

I like flowers that are rich, painterly and sumptuous. My favorites change constantly but I always return to the black and white anemone. They are delicate and graphic, timeless and modern. They satiate my love for duality with their angelic white petals and inky black center!

Another favorite is the pink garden rose. So very English and old-fashioned but not mumsy. They also happen to be my birth flower. The Whitby pastry team realized all my favorite blooms so beautifully. They are almost too pretty to consume!

When thinking about seasonal flowers, there is nothing like a Dahlia in the fall. They are also very English, with their fiery tipped petals and giant starburst shapes, they remind me of a beautiful, blazing autumn sunset. I also chose the peach Dahlia for the Whitby Tea because the color reminds me of my favorite Farrow & Ball paint color called  “Ointment” which the Orangery Room at the Whitby is painted in. It’s an archive color which makes it that much more special.

Finally, snowberries are something I look forward to all year long. They are like a magnificent string of pearls, delicate yet indestructible.

In addition to the teacakes and sweets, no traditional British afternoon tea would be complete without a selection of sandwiches, delicious scones served with clotted cream and preserves and a choice of speciality loose leaf teas. If you reserve a table for this Saturday and Sunday, a special LMD floral arrangement will arrive at your table made with all of my favorite flowers. Enjoy!

Flower Power

Did you know that out of 150 historical public statues in New York City, only five depict real life women? So when Old Navy approached us to “Flower Flash” these trailblazing women on the eve of National Women’s Day, LMD could hardly say no. It was a true feat to conceptualize and execute these Flower Flashes in one night. Each female statue had their challenges and funnily enough, another woman decided to make her presence known. The morning of March 8th, Mother Nature blanketed the city in several inches of snow, making for a very interesting install!

Eleanor Roosevelt, 72nd Street, Riverside Drive

Harriet Tubman, 122nd Street St, Nicholas Avenue & Frederick Douglass Blvd

LMD was very proud to partner with Old Navy, as 65% of their workforce is comprised of females. A statistic that personally makes me smile, as my team is also powered by strong, creative females. Being able to highlight these leaders and outfit them with thousands of flowers during a very dreary and cold March morning was inspiring for me and very surreal for many early rising New Yorkers.

Gertrude Stein, Bryant Park

Joan of Arc, 93rd & Riverside Drive

In addition to gifting Eleanor Roosevelt with a meadow of Hudson Valley grown wild flowers and a matching shawl, a floral necklace for Golda Meir, a giant bouquet and floral skirt in shades of bright and joyful yellows for Harriet Tubman, a lush green boa for Gertrude Stein and a 30 foot billowy garland of baby’s breath for Joan of Arc, we also decided to outfit the Fearless Girl with a floral cape.

Golda Meir, 39th & Broadway

Not wanting to leave out the Financial District’s Charging Bull, we created a very special and ornate floral crown in shades of eye-catching pinks ranging from hot fuchsia to bubble gum.


The Great Escape

This is the story of one (make that 500) peonies and their journey from a field in Virginia to MacDougal Alley, New York City. LMD’s Flower Flashes have amassed a lot of love and attention, and tons of Instagram photos. One image caught the eye of Bloomia, one of the largest flower growers in the USA. Federico Fusco, Bloomia’s Marketing Director, reached out to us and after a series of exploratory and effusive phone calls with our team, we embarked on a wonderful partnership.

Here at LMD, we strive to create beautiful things and to be our best. That starts with our team and how we treat each other and everyone we do business with. Bloomia agrees with this philosophy and their approach to sustainability is sound. They eliminate wasteful packaging, grow locally and have biological control systems that reduce pesticides, you can read more about their practices on their website,

Creating a peony Flower Flash is a great luxury, one stem can cost as much as 8 dollars. So to nestle hundreds of these bewitching beauties in between slabs of grey concrete and scuffed up, giant, orange construction barriers put an enormous smile on Team LMD’s faces. I am sure if peonies could talk, they would have expressed their surprise and wonder at their new temporary home. Due to the popularity of these seasonal flowers, this flash didn’t last very long at all and every single stem ended up in the hands of a New Yorker, final destination unknown!

Class is in Session

Last night, loads of stylish followers took fashion communion at the Met Ball and worshipped at the feet of the one and only Madonna. This morning, Team LMD began to look forward to the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day.

Last Fall, I was approached by The Whitby, a Kit Kemp designed hotel in midtown Manhattan, to host a series of Flower Classes in their gorgeous Anrep Room. I couldn’t say no. I love working with Kit and her team in such a colorful, textured and splendid space. And I also enjoy creating the in-house florals and holiday decor at the hotel every year. Titled “Back to Flower School” the three part series began with a Christmas Wreath Making Class in December. Juniper, eucalyptus, and fir were strewn on a long, wooden farm table and each guest had a wreath frame, gloves, wrapping wire and their own clippers to work with at their station. Festive embellishments included cotton, orange slices, blue thistle, pinecones and striped, grosgrain ribbons. Students ranged from twin 10-year-old sisters, a teenage daughter and her mother, and a super stylish woman and her cute Norwich terrier, Alfie. (Her boyfriend had gifted her the class as an early Christmas present!)

The good times didn’t stop there, our second class was on the heels of Valentine’s Day. Scheduled on a dreary Monday evening, I was a little nervous regarding the turn out. But whatever reservations I had about people wanting to come out in the cold were quickly snuffed out as I was informed there was a substantial waiting list for the class! With this group of flower enthusiasts, I decided to include a floral recipe and treat them to some incredible “dirty pastel” blooms: Japanese sweetpeas, lilac-tinged anemones, sherbet colored tulips, hot pink ranunculus, kangaroo paws, flowering quince and more. I was happy to see some men in my class as well. I am always pleasantly reminded how knowledgeable some of my students are and was thrilled to find out that a handful of growers, some traveling as far as North Carolina, connected on the internet and organized a fun trip to NYC to take the class and meet each other and talk shop. One student got lost on the subway and took a series of mini Flower Flash-esque photographs with her arrangement, chronicling her journey underground and finally back to her hotel.

Our third class is this Monday, May 14th, in honor of Mother’s Day. And though all the seats are taken, I do expect to keep this series going in the future. After all, cultivating a desire to learn new skills keeps us all students of life. And though I am technically the teacher, everyone I have met so far during this series of classes has taught me something and this is a real gift and keeps my pursuit of beauty and knowledge alive and well.