American Gothic: March 19th Flower Class

There is something so rich and decadent about dark, velvet-like flowers. When I started my company, I had a running joke with my design team: if I came in feeling blue or stressed out, I would say, “I need something cheerful–make me a black arrangement!” In the world of flowers, nothing is truly black. There are only shades of purple, red and chocolate brown. When used together; the nuances of these dark colors and tones becomes apparent.

Our first class of the spring season will focus on dark flowers and foliage and how they can act as a “shadow” for softer, brighter and more colorful flowers. After all, with the sweetness of Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to explore crisp edges and strong silhouettes.

March 19th’s class will focus on shape! I dislike the association of the word Gothic with horror; Gothic to me is one of the most elegant styles, especially American Gothic. It has everything to do with the silhouette, the object. Whether it be an iron finial, a buttress or in our case a gorgeous flower arrangement. To secure your seat in our March Class, please call 212 614 2734 or email and have your credit card details handy. We also have April 2nd and May 7th classes available, for more information on these classes or to reserve your seat, please call our studios at 212 614 2734.

Lewis Miller Floral Design Classes are held at the LMD Studios at 803 6th Avenue. Class begins at 6PM with a champagne reception and ends at 8PM. Seats are non-refundable.