Lewis Paul Miller Owner
  • Length of time at LMD: Since the beginning
  • Nickname: Mr. Miller
  • What is your idea of perfect happiness? A good nights sleep
  • What is your guiltiest pleasure: Sugar
  • What superhero power would you like to have? Mind-reading capablilities
  • What is your most treasured possession? Not possessions, but I’d have to say my nieces and nephews
  • Paperback or kindle? Paperback
  • Tequila or bourbon? Rye
  • If you were a DJ what would your DJ name be? DJ Silence-is-bliss
  • Aside from food, water and shelter, what one thing could you not go a day without? Black coffee
  • What is in your bag right now? Design proposals to review, running sneakers, a bottle of eau sauvage, fabric swatches and paint chips
  • Where is your ideal summer destination? Camp lmd in the hudson valley
  • First passport stamp? France
  • What was your first job? Cleaning an auto body shop
  • What item do you wear everyday? Contact lenses

Whatever the location may be: a museum, backyard or ballroom; we create a memorable experiences that feel natural and effortless. From the lighting design to the linens, from custom-made dance floors to napkin treatments, every detail is thoughtfully and creatively chosen.

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