Class Act

I had the pleasure of teaching again at the Flower School New York a week or so ago. This time we created lush, layered arrangements using bold foliages such as horsetail reeds, black-berried hadera, horizontal umbrella fern and spiral rosettes of galex leaves. These graphic clumps of greenery were softened with the most beautiful locally grown lavender and purple anemones, chartreuse green ranunculus and the best of all – delicate checkerboard Fritillaria meleagris.

The resulting arrangements were a style that I am fond of – at once structured and graphic, yet soft and overgrown. It strikes a refreshing balance between the loose and tumbling style so popular right now and it’s very rigid and manipulated counterpart.

If you live in the New York area or are visiting from out of town, check out the Flower School. It’s a great way to jump in, get you hands dirty, learn from great floral designers and create with the most beautiful flowers that are usually not found at a store near you.

The Flower School New York
(212) 661-8074


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