Pierre Bleu

The celebrated Pierre Hotel in our very own New York City, restored to showcase its classic bones and at the same time revamped to incorporate a slightly more modern perspective, was the supreme backdrop for rich, romantic, sophisticated, timeless décor.

This wedding had a European feeling, still life inspired and formal, where layers and contrasts played a crucial part in the construction of the décor.  We’re not talking only literal layers of fabric but also layers of light and of color and of texture.  The ceremony space, evocative of a secret garden had its moments of composed, quiet beauty and others of more unkempt wild growth; creamy roses closely gathered together, fall foliage extending its reach beyond the confines of the room.  The dining room showcased long glowing landscapes of tumbling jasmine and pewter bowls filled with fruit, iron urns massed with autumnal blooms.  French ultramarine linen tablecloths box pleated with bright cobalt and Indian block print napkins with varying motifs added an unexpected, fun element.  This was after all, a celebration of a young couples love.


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