Simply Red

The day before Mother’s Day we decorated a party thrown by a couple of siblings for their mom’s 60th. It was a surprise party – and under the cultivation and foresight of Elizabeth K. Allen Events it was an intimate event with posh tendencies.

Occasionally we do these jobs – never meeting the client, with one sentence as direction – and off we go. This time our direction was simply “Her favorite color is red”.

Not to worry. These are the times when we at LMD really love our job. We can be democratic with our aesthetic selections and show that parties can be chic and cheerful – mixing the fancy with the humble. And since the details have not been excruciated ad nauseum (except in house, of course), the project dosen’t lose it’s sense of exuberance or spontenaity.

Hundreds of  yards of wide paper ribbons, ruby crystal rental chandelieres, oversized red helium balloons,  cotton rental linens with crisp white linen runners edged in cerise grosgrain, silk butterflies, votives wrapped in cheerful Italian printed paper and tied with cotton cording, compotes of fresh strawberries and glazed ceramic pots planted with perky red geraniums and quippy cocktail napkins provided by EKA – all contained in the pristine box of an event space know as the Glass Houses.

It was good fun and a perfect example that one can get a fabulous party at any price. Of course under the caveat that the design direction is limited to one sentence and that one has a confident party planner. 😉


  • Angela Saban

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    Fabulous, and the statement is so true! Good taste and elegance does not have to come at a high price. This post is such a good example of choosing a strong color, mixing it with white and really staying true to the elegant, simple and gorgeous details. Great Job!!

  • Mary Sargent

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    What an outstanding job!!! The design is simple, yet elegant, with a bit of whimsy.Would have been a treat to be a guest at such an event and soak in the design in person.Kudos for a job well done!!!

  • Arlene

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    “Her favorite color is red”. Mine too!

    Lewis I am always captivated with your stylish and dazzling artwork; you have a gift and a talent rivaled to none!

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