(Not) Too Cool For School

On the evening of March 3rd, I had an enjoyable time teaching my first flower arranging class at Flower School New York. Head mistress Eileen Johnson had invited me a few weeks earlier, and how could I refuse? With a faculty that is a veritable “Who’s-Who” on the New York posy playground – it was an honor to be asked.

In my usual fashion, I showed up and bumbled my way through the class. It was good fun and the students were great sports (apparently they go to ALL the classes – learning tips from the masters:  Olivier Giugni, Michael George, Charles Masson, Matthew Robbins and Meredith Perez) – so it was a bit intimidating.

Thanks to the champagne served at the end of the night, I felt like I did an amazing job. ( Tongue firmly planted in cheek.)

And it’s going to happen again – this time on May 5. My course is titled “The Poetry of Flowers” – based on the works of Charles Baudelaire. Apparently Baudelaire took a dip on the dark side – influenced by the Romantics but ultimately producing a piece called Les Fleurs du mal – in English know as  The Flowers of Evil. Even before our very first meeting, Madame Johnson  had appointed me to this category.  I just flashed a smile and said “That sounds great!” – but thanks to Wickipedia, I now realize that she had aimed that pince-nez right into my very soul.

So with this newfound knowledge – get your pretty from another class, because kids, on May 5th, we’re going dark. And rich. And intoxicating. (And gorgeous.)

Flower School New York


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