Fake It Till You Make It

It has been an long, cold winter here in New York,  but in early March we transformed the Bowery Hotel into a abundant spring garden for the launch of Bulgari’s Mon Jasmine Noir.

The Bowery Hotel is a favorite venue of mine simply for the fact that it is one of the few event spaces in the city that instantly evokes another time, another place. And albeit for some silk palm trees stuck in the corners, it’s well done.

We pushed the illusion a bit further. The party was an introduction of the perfume, with cocktails and dinner, for 80 of Manhattan’s bright young(-esque) things. We turned the space into a Mediterranean garden for one night – making the room more intimate with tall box hedges and lush plants and replacing the offending faux palms  with 15′ tall bowers of blooming camellia. In the cocktail space, several small tables were styled with the various elements so that the guests could experience  a “hands-on” interaction with the perfume notes. Dinner was simply one long crocodile covered Parson’s-style table that was lined up with vine-wrapped gold candelabras, tangles of jasmine blooms, heaps of fresh Meyer lemons and airy ‘Garden Snow’ floribunda roses. In conjunction with the hotel’s tile floors, iron chandeliers and the aforementioned hedging and plantings that we installed, the effect was quite lovely – lush, verdant and abundant – complete with the sounds of birds chirping throughout.

Another time, another place – it certainly wasn’t Manhattan in the slushy early days of March.


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