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I don’t know if you had a chance to see it yet, but LMD had the honor of being featured in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. It was a great  experience because we got to create an environment – not just set down some pretty flowers, and I was pleased that they captured the essence of the LMD style.

I am especially fond of the canvas draping behind the champagne bar. I have always admired the style of draping that I refer to as “inside a Roman tent” or “Dorthy Draper’s Draping” and have wanted to do it for an event for some time. (Since this shoot, I have done it several times – one being the enormous Skylight Studio. Cinematic!) Just for the record, I hearby proclaim this the LMD Style of Draping. If we never have to do that pleated shower-curtain look again, fine by me.

The windlamps suspended from the ropes – j’adore – an idea I borrowed directly from Charlotte Moss and her sumpteous bedroom at the Kips Bay decorator show house several years ago. Sixty of these lamps are en route to the LMD studio as I type this, and will grace several summer wedding tents this year. Oh, I do  adore lanterns.

Other classic LMD moments: charcoal gray; linen and canvas; table linens with a wide contrasting border (this never shows up in event pics); antique garden urns – especially those with an unexpected profile; bay leaf garlands (another nod to ancient Rome, a place and time I always pull reference from), and of course French anemones and the use of unusual textures such as lichen branches next to tender blossoms.

It looks like this was shot this at high noon, and in the writer’s humble opinion the only thing that looks good at high noon is the beach, but overall, I was pleased with the story. Unassuming and attractive, just the way it should be.


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