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The new decade started off with a tremendous bang, and one of our first projects of  the year was a corporate dinner for  Bloomberg L.P. Collaborating with the unequivocal Elizabeth Allen, this was the second time that this particular event was being held, hosted by the CEO for the top dogs of the corporation. This year it was at the New York Public Library – I will admit – my favorite space in the city.

I wanted to create an environment that was warm and inviting, while simultaneously modern, crisp, overgrown, moody…bold! Working with my friend Richard Tatum from L&M Sound and Light, lighting was a crucial element to the design. And as with any well designed event, it was essential that there be visual layers – from strong, grand statements (which I love) to the smallest detail.  You cannot have one without the other.

Guests walked up the exterior stairs which were defined by a militant swath of glass tubes encasing candles. Dramatic and precise, this led them into Astor Hall (reverberating with a goose-bump inducing mix of Lascia Ch’io Pianga) which was entirely dark except for a giant floral display of atlas cedar, white blooming quince and a huge antique Indian cauldron with paperwhites sprouting from a nest of lichen covered branches and wild green smilax vine.

The stairs that led to cocktail hour on the second floor were lit only by candlelight. Cocktail hour in McGraw Rotunda was simply decorated with clean, modern tables used in tandem with blue velvet upholstered ottomans and large, wild-yet-structured floral arrangements. Dinner was held in the Solomon Gallery, a beautiful space with walls lined with gorgeous historical New York paintings. Two 100′ long rows of tables were dressed in deep blue with wide burnished gold runners and black crackle ballroom chairs with navy velvet cushions. Running the length of the tables, a modern assortment of vessels and candles were overgrown with wild smilax vines: white tulips and anemones in smokey oblong glass, clipped boxwood hedges, copper trays lined with narcissus shoots and lichen covered branches and troughs of white primula malacoides. It was a good blend of crisp and modern, wild and luxe.

During dinner, Astor Hall was quickly turned into a space for dancing and desserts, complete with a pair of dessert stations (all sweets were white and gold), a long bar and several lounge spaces. Keeping things moody and dramatic, the entire hall was saturated in deep blue light and guests danced to the spins of DJ David Chang. It was a great event for a “school night” – a corporate event that felt anything but – and apparently the talk of the office the next day. You can’t beat that.

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