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One of our most enjoyable projects this past summer was a wedding that was brought to us through Ann and Nicky, the dynamic duo of the event planning firm David Reinhard Events, LLC. This was one of those projects where everything was a pleasure and fell into place with perfect ease. The bride, Romy, wins the first annual LMD Bride of the Year Award, an honor sure to be coveted by many women in years to come! 😉

Wolffer Estates

Romy came to us with a subversive theme (and I do love subversive themes) based on the whimsical and slightly dark drawings of Edward Gorey and Elephant House. The ceremony was in the middle of the lush vineyards of  Wolffer Estates in Sagaponack, Long Island and the reception at the bride’s parent’s home a short walk away.

Bridesmaid's BouquetsThe GuysCeremony

The ceremony was pure perfection in it’s absolute simplicity. Surrounded by rows of verdant vines, the chuppah was as simple as it could possibly be without being air itself. My theory is that chuppahs are like Christmas trees – everybody thinks theirs is amazing, but sniffs at all others. I think it is simply because these are such personal things and, astethically speaking, one really puts themselves on the line. At any rate, four birch poles set in crusty Belgian terra-cotta with a friend’s beautifully embroidered Taleth accented with olive wreaths and muslin ribbons did the trick. Anchoring the structure was a pair of heavy iron urns – slightly gothic with putti and ram’s heads – and massed with airy white Queen Anne’s lace.

Cocktails on the terrace and lawn of the winery was followed by a beautiful tented reception in the back yard of Romy’s parents home. If you are not familiar with Sperry Tents, you should be – they are hand-crafted loveliness. Long dinner tables dressed in oatmeal linen were layered with estate silver candlesticks with grey, black and black and white stripe taper candles, silver vessels of baby’s tears and fernery, compotes of roses, passion flower and wild grasses with Chinese parchment and chicken-wire lanterns suspended overhead…and Olivier Cheng’s ever beautiful, delicious food (and waitstaff) didn’t hurt either.

Reception TentSea FanCenterpiece DetailPeonies, roses and passion vineCenterpieceDinner Detail

Of couse, apropo to all weddings this summer – come nightfall the sky let loose and it rained cats and dogs. And, apropo to all great parties with a fun-loving crowd, a gracious host and proper planning…a good time was had by all!

Sperry Tent

A special thank you to Timothy Lee and Lydia Lee of Timothy Lee Photography for the beautiful photographs

David Reinhard Events
Olivier Cheng Catering
Sperry Tents
Matt Murphy Event Lighting


  • Carol Anne

    → Reply

    “the chuppah was as simple as it could possibly be without being air itself”…

    …this is possibly the best written example of the breathtaking beauty of simplicity that I have ever read. Your writing resonates with the same acute amazing eye as displayed by your art.

  • Romy

    → Reply

    You are the BEST!! Beyond a pleasure to work with… favorite part of planning my wedding….the only appointment that I looked forward to!
    xxx!!! Romy

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