Wine & Roses

Today has been one of those cold, wet days where winter is trying to bully out autumn and summer is a distant memory. While I love fall and nothing satisfies me like a bale of bronze oak branches and a mound of grey heirloom pumpkins, I have been missing heat, sunshine and summer’s abundant blooms. In between the duties of the day, I scrolled through my iphoto library looking for a gentle reminder of the not-so-distant season. I came across some quick snapshots of a wedding we designed at Bedell Vineyards on the north fork of Long Island the last weekend of August.

For this project we pulled from an attractive color palate of mauve, aubergine and lilac with heavy emphasis on herbs and garden flowers – black basil, dahlias, coleus, hydrangea and peppermint. Several styles of low centerpieces allowed for interest yet maintained a sense of continuity. Crisp oyster silk cloths with wide raw linen borders were the perfect foil to the abundant floral arrangements. The ceiling was covered with dozens of handsome wooden carriage lanterns with thick pillar candles, bathing the dinner hour in warm, flattering light.


Granted, there happened to be a hurricane warning that day with torrential rainfall, the ceremony locations was moved three times and the cocktail hour twice. But the couple was fantastic and enjoying every moment, the guests were gorgeous and the champagne flowed freely, so a merry time was had by all.

Carriage Lanterns

Overlooking the Vineyard

Centerpiece with Black Basil and Coleus

Centerpiece with Pewter Hurricane Lamp

Dinner Centerpiece

Russian Olive & Potted Plants

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