The Double Gray Doors


“LMD. The flower studio between First and A. The double gray doors. The sign is really small.”

This is part of a conversation one us has on a daily basis when placing a food order delivery, explaining our location to a messenger service or directing a fashion intern who is dropping off a hand-written gift card to accompany a floral arrangement. And we will happily do it every day for the next 10 years, because it’s good to be home.

Welcome to our new studio! After 7 years at our old location (two doors west) – we got to the point where we ┬áhad simply outgrown our shop and after a quick search, located a raw but large space conveniently located next door, signed a lease and began construction. And then the bottom dropped out of the economy. LOL! Could the timing have been better? Well, yes, actually….do you really think I’m blogging for the fun of it? All kidding aside, I do have to admit that it is nice to come to work in the morning. It’s a simple space – kept open and industrial with a few pretty touches thrown in to make the work day sweeter. We are still finishing up the details and the back garden has yet to be addressed, but that will all work itself out in time.

Here are a few shots of the main level of the studio.  The full basement (not pictured) is the genius part of the space: construction shop, accounting offices, and rows and rows of shelves lined with props and inventory all perfectly organized and catalogued by my Brazilian Superman, Jorge.

  • LMD Loo
  • LMD Studio
  • LMD Studio
  • Conference Table & Office
  • Design Office
  • My Desk
  • Conference Table
  • Presentation Space & Floral Paintings
  • Vase Rack
  • Wrapping Station
  • Floral Design Area


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